We manage the digital advertising campaigns for top BFSI companies, Real Estates, Ecommerce and B2B startups.

Best Digital Marketing Agency Chosen by Top Companies in India.

Our clients include multiple publicly traded companies and firms with multibillion-dollar market caps. From expert Google Ads management to omnichannel optimization and testing, we're focused on profitability, cost per acquisition, and delivering your expected business outcomes through Data-Driven Marketing.

There Aren't Many Google Partners.
We're One of Them. The badge is awarded to agencies who have shown outstanding results for their clients over an extended period.

Tuskmelon Business Solutions Named "10 Best Startups in TamilNadu – 2020”

Tuskmelon Business Solutions Named " Best Emerging Startups in India– 2022”

Tuskmelon moves ahead with a data-driven approach to serve digital India. We blend our creativity and technology to develop a purpose-led, people-centric approach to bring a positive difference to businesses and the community around them.


Digital Marketing

Word of Brand is the way to allure consumers towards your product. Digital Marketing is a big ocean where you have to know when and where to use your Digital Marketing strategy to charm people towards your brand.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the largest social media networks to date and billions of people use Facebook Advertising for effective Brand Marketing.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing is the golden space of Digital Marketing. Our team of social media geeks will help you attain increased traffic and ROI.

LinkedIn Marketing

Tuskmelon is one of the finest LinkedIn marketing companies, we help you generate solid leads and create an effective strategy for the brand.

Twitter Marketing

Tuskmelon offers a set of expert social media managers and content strategists who will help Branding your brand on Twitter in the right way.

Quora Marketing

Quora Marketing can create a huge impact on your brand engagements. We can influence your audiences by highly targeted advertising on Quora.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the authentic way of branding towards the targeted audience to attain your goals effectively through our advanced mechanisms.

Affiliate Marketing

Tuskmelon helps you market your product through different websites and platforms to increase your traffic by building authentic audiences.

Website Development

Tuskmelon offers you a team of web designers, developers and content writers to build up an effective website that will speak for your brand.

Influencer Marketing

Society is full of puzzling people, and your brand has to stand out and assure consumers that it's the best brand. Making your brand an Influencer in the market will promote your brand identity effectively.


Understanding Your Brand's Goal

Strategize an effective plan according to your Targeted Audience

Creating content & attractive graphics for your Brand's Ad

Using latest digital marketing strategies & tools for Best Results

Optimizing your brand’s performance by using Data Analytics


Cost-Effective Lead Generation

Reduced Marketing & Spill Over Costs

Informed Decision Making

Elevated Brand Value

Increase In Sales


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