AI will change Human in 2022

Artificial Intelligence will out think, out innovate, and our strategize humans at all levels. One of the biggest challenges in the clash between AI and humans when it comes to innovation and human intellect – consider this; In the future Artificial Intelligence will be running our society and civilization with the most expedient and efficient […]

Double Profits without Sales

The 5% solution. Recent studies analyzing the tax returns of over 1 million businesses have shown that the majority of companies in this country make a pretax profit, as a percentage of sales, of 5% or less. I am not just referring to small companies.   If your company made a pretax profit last year […]

Social Entrepreneur in 2022

The term Social Entrepreneur is the combination of two separate ideas: The venture of solving Social Economic problems through the Entrepreneurship Principles of a business! Social Entrepreneurs design business principles to not only bring in profits but also use that to reach out and solve serious economic and social problems in the world today. You […]

When will You Retire

For the many of us the idea of owning our own business, and retiring early is a desire that burns deep within. Not saying that everyone one doesn’t want to retire early, but some of us are not built to work the 9-5 job where we move around like sheep doing the work while someone […]

Successfull Enterpernur and vc

Venture capital is not an easy game. Not all venture capitalists have been successful investing in start ups in different fields such as infrastructure, innovation, biotechnology, information technology, or software. Investing in these types of businesses involves great risks and hard works, not to mention the huge amount of money that they have to venture […]

Success Formula in 2022

Success Formula “If you want me to do more, pay me more. Pay me more and I will do a better job.” This is the battle cry of mediocrity. A common problem today is that employees want to be paid more to perform better; they have this backwards. By requesting more money to do a […]

Start a Service Business in 2022

Start a Service Business Starting any venture; whether in education, athletics, cooking, or the like; isn’t always easy. This same matter comes about when you opt to start your own business in any endeavor. And so to start for any business, it is important to learn to analyze your business opportunity, incorporate with other businesses, […]